Engaging DEB Associates is easy.

The first step is to discuss the issues you are facing and the results you are trying to achieve. This is usually handled in a phone conference with key people. If I don’t think I can help you I will tell you this directly so neither of us wastes our time.


  1. Design Review – checks for schematic and layout design errors that result in EMC non-compliance.
  2. Design Remediation – for prototyped hardware that is not working, not working as intended or EMC non-compliant.
  3. Full Design – redesign of existing product for function, performance or cost reduction, or clean-sheet schematic and layout design for new products.

We can advise on design or do the design for you.  Full Design projects we do typically range between $5k and $100k.  Some clients have a target budget while other clients use us on long-term retainer or T&M basis.  For some types of projects/clients, we can get creative with royalty, share of cost savings, or no-charge-unless-the-objective-is-achieved pricing.


Are you ready to start a project right now?  We are motivated to get things done fast and right so that you’ll recommend and use us again. Once we agree to move forward with the proposed work, you will see rapid progress toward a solution and an iterative and involving style that makes sure we stay in alignment – no surprises. When you look at the case studies in our portfolio, a theme you’ll see repeated is going beyond initial assumptions and preconceived notions to get to a design that surprises and delights.


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