DEB Associates is an engineering consulting practice focused on rapid solutions to critical problems.

Circuit Design
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PCB Layout
Design for EMC

Does your organization have a technical challenge that's delaying or preventing a product launch? Do you need something done that your in-house resources aren't equipped to tackle? If so you are in the right place. DEB Associates is as comfortable with new product development as with fixing existing designs.

Do you need to get to the bottom of pressing issues plaguing your product? It's not uncommon for a client's design issues to be pin-pointed within minutes of inspecting board layout files or schematics. Give us a call or email to get things started. If we decide we can't help you, there's no charge.

Is your design failing radiated emissions? Is your design uncompetitive, hard to assemble, or too costly? Does the product have thermal issues? Our clients have seen EMC issues get resolved in a single iteration while simultaneously improving BOM cost and thermal performance.

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